FOR THE AD AND COPYWRITING WORLDS - I am a consumer. I write from where I buy: my fears, my lack, my needs, my urgencies. I despise those things; so when a corporation, a manufacturer, a store, a website - helps me long-jump to satisfaction, I remember them. If someone can make me laugh; while I hurdle the fear, I brag about them. If they send me stupid jokes, tell me to buy out of insecurity, pander to the other "guy's" ignorance, I bail. I am not a fad. Neither are you.

I want my writing to help people make a quick decision so their joy can fly.  As Emerson says, "Wealth is access to the greatest minds and the greatest works of the times."  Most people want to get to the party already and don't want to spend endless hours finding the right tools, clothes, cars, material goods to settle into. They/we want to get to the next great work. Copywriter's main obligation is to help busy people solve their problems. We do the work, so they can get to their jackpot faster.

I study astrology (from the perspective of a stats major), pool (ditto), blues guitar (there is nothing easy about the blues). I boogie board, love jam bands and my only drink is tequila. I still listen to old-school radio. I am waiting for our capitalism to bring back two-hour lunches.


FOR THE TELEVISION, FILM AND WEB WORLDS - My long form scripts, sitcoms and shorts are of the female-driven comedic genre; and can be considered block comedies with low production costs. My tone comes with an edgy New York sarcastic punch but is suitable for the entire family (even one located in the Midwest!). Mainstream, but tough enough for cable.