Just Another Marie:  One part Vinny Barbarino, one part Woody Allen, one part Joan Rivers. Screwed over, lied to, let down by her friends, her career and her hard work; Marie picks up boxing as a remedy to an early mid-life crisis that's been knocking her out with a vicious left hook.
Tone: The female “ Louie,”  the anti “Whitney”

Mona Wonderstein: Three grandmothers from the same block, micro-manage their sons' lives. Mrs. Lee Young, Mrs. Grazia and Mrs. Wonderstein: the grandmothers you wish you had, and the mothers you pray you never have to endure.
Tone: "Everyone Loves Raymond" meets "The Golden Girls"

Queen of the Deal: Honey Middlestein's husband ran her real estate business into the ground, now she's getting stiffed in a crooked divorce settlement. Aiming for a comeback, 1980's “Queen of the Deal” battles to reclaim her crown as Manhattan's top sales agent. One deal at a time. Any deal, anytime.
Tone: “Hot in Cleveland,” “Absolutely Fabulous,” "Desperate Housewives"



Bullets and Spitballs, A Love Story — 90 min., romantic comedy
Log line: A down-on-her-luck real estate appraiser learns to shoot back after dodging advances, power plays and half-cocked schemes offered by the Gumbas in the boroughs and the Suits in midtown.
Tone: “Miss Congeniality,” “Annie Hall”

Donna Disco — 105 min., block comedy
Log line: Desperate to save her beloved grandma’s pizzeria from the wrecking ball of eminent domain; a lazy, Brooklyn-born prima donna decides to run for councilperson and save the world — one block at a time.
Tone: “My Cousin Vinny,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Hitting the Road — 90 min., comedy
Log line: After Towana Shavaun and Gina Marie lose their Manhattan corporate jobs, they find each other on Facebook and head south to become thieving southern preachers.
Tone: “Thelma and Louise,” “Two Broke Girls,” “My Cousin Vinny”